Commercial strategy

We develop sectoral and competition analyzes, in order to define the methods of your commercial access to the Chinese digital market (in Italy or in China).
We study with you the most convenient digital platforms for your product offer, the profitability and the costs of the various solutions proposed, finally we define a business plan to evaluate the investment.
We offer the most effective online promotion and sales strategy to promote your product or service to Chinese customers.

Promotion and sale

We choose with you the most interesting products to sell to Chinese customers, the online marketing tools to promote sales and the methods of indexing on Chinese search engines. We choose the most reliable partners to develop the whole sales process, from an ‘end to end’ point of view (from logistics to inventory to order management, to after-sales).

Offline Sales Services

The digital strategy must be supported by an appropriate promotional strategy on the territory, for this reason we create for you events and promotions in store, also supported by Chinese staff, in order to increase sales and effectively promote the brand of our customers. Drawing with you effective O2O strategies (online to offline), taking advantage of Chinese online channels (social, digital media etc.) to bring customers to the physical stores in Italy.

Alipay Marketing

Digital To Asia is a marketing partner of Alipay to help Italian companies promote their products to Chinese customers and tourists, thanks to the Alipay marketing platform. Alipay is not only an innovative payment system via mobile phone, but it is also a digital showcase for the Chinese customer, which attracts tourists to the various commercial activities in Italy through the promotion of events, discounts, geographical location, push notifications and so on.